Innovation in products and business models
The pace of change within the technology sector is unrelenting. Innovations from all quarters are rapidly translated into end-user expectations, and the boundaries between silos become more and more permeable, unsettling business models and recasting relationships between players.
Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership, and conduct indepth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses for the world's leading technology enterprises:
1. Business and professional services firms are absorbing the tremendous growth they have experienced in the last several years, refining process and quality even while looking to offer services further up the value chain.
2. Russell Reynolds Associates is recognized as a global leader in the communications and convergence industry, working on hundreds of assignments each year for companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Our clients include network operators and carriers; service providers, including network integration, network outsourcing, value-added networks and interactive video, cable operators; equipment providers; and wireless service providers, including cellular, mobile data, personal communication services and satellite providers.
3. Media, entertainment and convergence companies are developing new distribution channels, partnerships and content that cross traditional silos while creating new business models that address both monetization and intellectual property issues.
4. Hardware and electronics enterprises are responding to market pressures by designing with the end user in mind, reducing time to market, optimizing their supply chains and improving their client relationship management.
5. Software companies face the challenge of innovating, improving reliability and service and reducing margins in a maturing industry.
6. Dramatically increased focus on environmental and sustainability issues has provided opportunity for clean technology enterprises, which now must achieve scale and viability in an uncertain economic environment.
7. In all industries, the Chief Information Officer continues to occupy a central position. Forward-thinking enterprises are looking for a CIO who can not just “keep the lights on” but leverage information technology to drive process improvements, cost reductions, actionable competitive intelligence and revenue expansion opportunities.
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