Executive Search
Backed by nearly 25 years of combined retained executive search consulting experience, Manushya Consulting has earned a national and international reputation for finding and attracting top-quality candidates in a broad cross-section of industries and functional assignments.
We maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism in serving the needs of our clients. Our partners work closely with our clients, providing accessibility and responsiveness that only a firm our size can offer. Through our vast professional networks, in-house database and customized research, we are able to systematically uncover the best talent for our clients needs.
Did we mention that our partners do all the work, rather than hand it off within the firm? We enjoy what we do and it benefits our Partners visibility within the marketplace. It's important to remember that the consultant you choose is a representative of your company and will be the one making "first contact" with potential candidates... the initial impression needs to be strong and compelling.
A competency-based approach to candidate evaluation and peer benchmarking
A competency-based approach to candidate evaluation and peer benchmarking Candidates are evaluated against both the agreed-upon competencies and requirements and their industry peers. We provide detailed information to clients for the selection of an initial slate of candidates. We continue to manage the process during the interview stage, gathering feedback and managing candidate expectations.
In-depth assessment of candidates in search
In-depth evaluation of short-listed candidates (internal candidates as well as external) provides includes:
1. Psychometric testing using online leadership questionnaires and in-depth behavioral interviews by leadership assessment specialists
2. Culture fit assessment - measured by conducting a diagnosis of the organization’s culture—either as it is now or as dictated by the organization’s strategic plan—and identifying levels of high, medium or low fit; this information can be helpful in onboarding and ongoing development.
3. Expert industry perspective - Our assessment expertise is complemented by close collaboration with our industry-specific consultants - market leaders in their domains.
Identifying and cultivating leaders and leadership teams that can take an enterprise to sustained business success is an ongoing process. It begins with defining and recruiting the right people, and continues with developing a robust succession pipeline for key positions and ongoing assessment of the leadership team in the face of new challenges and opportunities. Manushya Consulting works with its clients in all facets of this process.
Board Selection
For over 5 years Manushya Consulting’s Board Practice has worked with Chairmen, CEOs and nominating/governance committees in conducting board assessments to identify and recruit outside directors.
With increased focus on corporate governance, companies are evaluating the strengths of existing board members and finding independent members who bring complementary skills to the table. Each Board of Director search engagement must be customized for the unique business challenges of the client. This is accomplished by not only focusing on the specific industry and functional areas of expertise required to provide exceptional governance, but also the unseen value adds a new member can bring to the client organization.
In addition to recruiting Board members, our firm conducts Board Audits to ensure that Board members have been chosen to give companies and their investors, the best possible oversight.
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