Differentiation through operational leadership
The environment for private equity companies has changed dramatically as a result of the scarcity of deal financing, the difficulty of exiting in a tough market and the impatience of lenders and investors to minimise their risk exposure. Private equity firms often differentiate themselves by the value they add as an operating partner to their portfolio companies. As a result, having the best possible portfolio company management team is critical. From a multibillion dollar turnaround to early-stage investing in new technologies and biotech, our consultants understand what is required to lead the various stages of a company’s existence.
Our services span finding partners and principals for the private equity/venture capital firms themselves to recruiting CEO, board members and corporate officers for portfolio companies of all sizes, in every geographic market in the clean tech and sustainability, consumer, healthcare, industrial/natural resources and technology sectors. We help our private equity clients manage their human capital needs through:
1. Providing deep intelligence on people, companies and markets through an extensive network of senior industry contacts and the industry expertise of our consultants.
2. Conducting due diligence of a potential acquisition’s human capital.
3. Evaluating portfolio company leadership teams and the desired organizational culture, identifying areas of potential conflict.
4. Quickly identifying, evaluating and recruiting transformative leaders who can address the needs of the business at a particular stage in its lifecycle
5. Building quality advisory boards which can provide the portfolio company leadership team with an additional source of guidance and contacts.
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