Greater scale, greater scrutiny
Not-for-profit organizations and their leaders occupy an increasingly central role in society, incubating and transmitting intellectual capital, fostering dialogue and participating in—and sometimes driving—the development of policy and priorities in a global environment. Public sector leaders face a similar evolution and must leverage technologies, methodologies and partnership working models from the private sector and elsewhere to become more effective, efficient and transparent in the face of increasing demand and pressure on public funds.
Our consultants identify, assess and recruit board members, CEOs and specific senior functional leadership for not-for-profit enterprises around the world. We also conduct in-depth organizational culture assessment and can measure the cultural fit of key leadership and candidates:
1. We help not-for-profit/public sectorentities find leaders who can serve as catalysts and visionaries to a wide range of constituencies, and find ways to innovate and execute the organization’s goals even when challenged by heightened resource constraints. We identify focused, tenacious and adaptable executives who bring a positive outlook and a passion for generating meaningful results.
2. We advise educational institutions looking for leaders who are respected scholars and administrators who have the fundraising and leadership competencies to govern sprawling institutions, that may also need to move away from consensus decision-making processes in order to execute growth strategies.
3. Cultural institutions and foundations need leaders who can rise to the challenges of today’s altered economic climate, greater scrutiny by donors and regulators, and the heightened need for risk management in their investment and operational strategies.
4. A new generation of global development organizations are committed to eradicating infectious disease, to providing better access to care in the developing world and to developing more effective and efficient sources of funding and distribution methods. These entities rely on us to find the right leaders, functional experts and cross over candidates who can succeed in the challenging and complex network of governmental, commercial and NGO enterprises.
5. We recruit leaders to trade and professional associations who can facilitate the free exchange of ideas and business practices, help create fair and competitive marketplaces, and drive social change and progress under a dramatically different business, social and political environment.
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