Finding the elusive balance
The leaders of industrial and natural resources companies today are confronted with both great opportunities and significant challenges. On the one hand, the limits of an increasingly fragile ecosystem and increased public and political scrutiny around sustainability create challenges for production and distribution within both domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, emerging markets and their large populations are dramatically increasing the demand for energy, transportation and industrial infrastructure and production.
Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership, and conduct in depth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses for Industrial and Natural Resources enterprises around the world:
1. We help energy organizations of all kinds find leaders who can address sustainability and geopolitical risk, improve performance and operational efficiency and navigate the complex regulatory environment. Renewables/sustainable energy organizations look to us to find executives with the combination of entrepreneurial acumen and technical industry expertise needed to drive these companies to profitability and critical mass.
2. We work with companies within basic industries, such as metal, mining and pulp and paper, to find executives who can lead these organizations through ongoing industry evolution and consolidation and who understand the environmental and geopolitical nuances of the sector.
3. Infrastructure companies need leaders who can seize the opportunities to drive revenue growth and profitability that emerging markets and government stimulus programs in more developed markets are creating.
4. We recruit senior supply chain and procurement leaders for organizations across industries, and help distribution and services organizations find leaders who can improve processes and integrate new technologies and innovative models within the supply chain.
5. Automotive companies look to us to find leaders who can adapt to dramatically changing conditions as the industry continues to confront globalization and consolidation, and addresses environmental and sustainability challenges and opportunities.
6. We work with airlines and commercial aviation companies to identify leaders with the operational, financial and marketing skills to help them respond to the challenges of declining margins and customer numbers as well as address environmental sustainability issues.
7. Aerospace and defense organizations require executives with strong engineering, project and financial management skills, a solid understanding of government purchasing rends and a firm grasp of the political and military requirements that drive these trends.
8. We recruit for chemical and process industries companies that are working to more effectively market themselves to their customers and to prudently manage growth along with escalating raw materials costs.
9. We provide capital and electrical equipment organizations with leaders who can absorb growth in new geographic markets and integrate advances in production science to improve reliability and reduce cost.
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