Reshaping the leadership dynamic
Healthcare systems globally are facing mounting challenges - rising costs, the battle over coverage for the uninsured, aging populations and the unsustainable economics of product development and healthcare delivery - that threaten to overwhelm many of the world's current healthcare systems. New technologies and clinical models offer promising solutions, and demand now is high for leaders who can drive change within these organizations and influence the multiple stakeholders ranging from patients to governments. The emphasis must be on putting robust succession plans in place - to develop and recruit leaders with the experience and competencies needed to implement significant change within organizations - both operational and cultural - allowing the industry to build on both past successes and lessons learned, while embracing the new market reality.
Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership, and conduct indepth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses for the world's leading healthcare enterprises:
1. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms rely on us to find executives who can help them re-assess their value chains in the face of heightened competition from new entrants, increased regulatory hurdles, reduced margins and capital availability restraints.
2. Health services organizations turn to us for leaders who can develop new patient-centered businesses and eliminate systemic inefficiencies. We work with leading CEOs and policy advocates in the health services arena, acting as a catalyst for real, leadership-driven discussion of health care payment and delivery reform, to meet the challenges facing these organizations and the people they serve.
3. We work closely with global development organizations to recruit executives who can navigate the complex network of governmental and commercial relationships to enable them to tackle infectious disease, access to care in the developing world and other intractable problems.
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