Searching for opportunity amidst uncertainty
The financial services sector needs leaders who can embrace new business models, boost the morale of their organizations, and address the heightened expectations of shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders. The role of the board has been under particular scrutiny and finding board members with the appropriate industry experience and expertise to ensure that they can effectively govern the activities of these organizations will be crucial for long-term success. At the senior executive level organizations need to identify and recruit the best overall business and back-office operational leadership teams to respond to this rapidly changing environment and maintain competitive advantage.
Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership, and conduct in-depth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses for the world’s leading financial services organizations.
1. Asset and wealth management firms rely on us to recruit leaders who can develop new strategies and products in response to the fluctuations of the equities market and the needs of a clientele battered by upheaval.
2. We help global banking and markets organizations find executives to confront the imperatives of operational efficiency and innovation and risk and regulation management.
3. We find leaders for consumer financial services companies who can help them to reconnect with their customers in a global environment while harnessing new technology and operations platforms to expand online distribution.
4. Our insurance clients look to us for executives who can help them meet the challenges of greater regulatory scrutiny and the accelerating retirement of the baby-boom generation.
5. As well as working with private equity and venture capital firms to find executives who are able to target, structure and harvest investments, analyze risk and assist in portfolio company management to create value and grow their businesses, we also work with private equity firms to find executive leadership teams and board members for their portfolio companies across the full range of industry sectors.
6. We work with real estate developers and investors to recruit leaders who can seize the opportunities at all stages of the market cycle.
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