Expectations beyond functional boundaries
Today, corporate officers are more than functional leaders. They are expected to be business partners with the CEO, the board and each other, proactively anticipating strategic issues and maximizing opportunities for the organization within their domain. Increasingly, they must do so on a global stage, working across boundaries, cultures and regulatory regimes. Further, they are expected to oversee the development of their own talent pipeline, developing a bench of leaders beneath them.
Our consultants idenfiy and assess functional leaders for the world's leading enterprises across all sectors:
1. We work with clients to find leaders in the global financial officers market who span the increasingly broad range of activities and competencies covered by the finance function from technical expertise through business partnering and operational support as well as delivering expertise in capital markets, leadership, governance and regulatory, M&A, tax, treasury, risk and decision support. Through our extensive knowledge of the CFO market, we are also able to identify appropriately qualified financial experts for Board roles that often include prominent roles on the Audit Committee.
2. We recruit general counsel and legal officers who can respond in real time to a wide range of high-profile business events unfolding on a global stage, think strategically, exercise impeccable judgment and interact with the board of directors and the senior executive team.
3. We help clients find human resources officers who will take a leadership role in managing succession planning and professional development across functions, advising the C-suite team on the alignment of human capital with business objectives
4. Clients look to us to identify information officers who are able to support the overall strategy of the organization through technology, managing partnerships both with a range of global third-party providers and with point people within their own organization.
5. We help clients to find risk officers who can build the philosophical and methodological blueprint for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), encompassing strategic risks, operational risks, financial risks and hazard risks and who can coordinate with senior management to adapt and integrate future business plans to the risk management framework.
6. We provide companies with government and regulatory affairs executives who go beyond "access" to proactively translate organizational business objectives into an advocacy strategy and who anticipate and respond to changes in the regulatory and legislative environments.
7. Finding supply chain officers who improve performance, reduce costs and introduce innovation is critical at a time when industry leadership is often determined by distribution and customization.
8. As local markets multiply, marketing officers need to have deep insight into those markets, understanding the macroeconomics, demographics and cultural specifics that define the customer and they need to act as the catalyst for new thinking that redefines and creates categories, spotting opportunities to transmit ideas across markets and borders.
9. We work with clients to recruit investor relations executives who have the skills and experience to represent their companies to constituencies that are increasingly demanding, impatient and global, and to do so under tighter regulatory scrutiny.
10. We help find corporate communications leaders who can leverage traditional and evolving communications channels to reinforce the brand with internal and external audiences.
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