Toward an uncharted destination
Leaders in the consumer sector are grappling with a global shift in spending patterns. Consumer expectations around purchasing and delivery models and the overall customer experience continue to evolve, requiring companies to continually innovate to meet these new demands. The industry’s link to the technology sector continues to grow as the need for specific online retail marketing, media and distribution expertise increases. Our consumer experts help these organizations find leaders and build teams, collaborating with colleagues across sectors to identify the best in class skills and experience for these evolving roles.
Our consultants identify and assess board members, CEOs, and senior functional leadership, and conduct in-depth cultural assessment and culture fit analyses for the world’s leading consumer enterprises:
1. We help consumer product and services firms find executives to sharpen their consumer insights, develop new offerings, reduce time to market and optimize supply chains.
2. We work with retail organizations, including luxury, specialty, mass, big box and department stores, to find leaders who can tap into new markets, build global brands and respond to changes in consumer behavior through multi-channel marketing and distribution strategies.
3. Leisure and hospitality organizations rely on us to recruit leaders who can develop new strategies to strengthen brand loyalty and improve the customer experience.
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