Making the board a strategic asset
The last five years have seen a significant evolution in corporate governance best practices. With greater regulatory scrutiny and raised expectations regarding risk management, most companies are looking for the board to offer more than just compliance oversight. Companies are taking a more rigorous approach to director nomination, onboarding and evaluation. They also have greater expectations of the board chair, who must instill the boardroom culture necessary for the board to be a true strategic asset for the Chief Executive Officer, management and shareholders.
We work with the board nominating committees of public and private companies, as well as not-for-profit organisations to help them identify, assess and recruit CEOs, board chairs and board members.
1. Our CEO/Board Services consultants help boards determine the particular set of competencies and experiences that should be represented on the board so that it has both the subject-matter expertise to engage with management and the breadth of individual perspectives necessary to manage risk and provide effective oversight. Our extensive network allows us to look beyond the usual pool of names to find executives who meet the desired criteria; we then work closely with the nominating committee in the assessment process and in facilitating the acceptance of board nomination by the finalist candidate.
2. In addition to recruiting CEOs, board chairs and board members, we design and conduct board evaluation programs that provide the board chair with an objective view of the overall board as well as individual performance.
3. We also work with CEOs and board chairs on succession planning, conducting a full review of any existing plans, (or creating a plan from scratch, if necessary) to ensure they meet the standards of best practice, and then helping the board implement the plan at the appropriate time.
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